Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Swedish minister wants to import new wolves - After he killed many

Now the information about plans of importing new wolves to Sweden starts to spread through the media.

Despite the minister´s of environment spreading of lies abroad the country, the Swedish wolves do not suffer as much genetically, as he stresses out. All wolves from the January cull have been examined in the University of Uppsala and found to be perfectly healthy, without genetic anomalities, and to be good specimen.
Genetically healthy wolves were killed.
The 2010 cull was no more than a slaughter initiated by a huge hunting lobby, paid by big money. There are many articles, press releases and proofs for that.

Genetically important wolves were killed not only during the culling slaughter, but also in so called "protective" hunt, when they were apparently spotted close to reindeer herds, etc., and also fallen victim to the so called "poaching" hunt, performed commonly in Sweden and Norway by hunters-wolf haters, who poison them, run them over by snowmachines, shoot them, drown them, etc. and make them "dissapear", especially if they were radio collared. (Please come back soon to read an article about the illegal wolf killing in Sweden and Norway, which is now in process).

There were some wolves with fresh (outcross) genes, from Russian and Finnish ancestry, but they were killed as well. There was no targeting of "only weak or sick individuals" to be killed. Alpha wolves were killed, including parents, orphaning a litter of puppies. A cull hunt of 27 wolves is not performed by 12000 horny rednecks, who don´t even know how to shoot a wolf, which was proven on dozens of photos from the hunt - many wolves were shot several times, before finally killed. Many wolves were injured and escaped, and had to be searched after for several days, left dieing in pain and agony. That is not a professional culling hunt.

New wolves, that will be imported, will end up the same way. And those not killed by aproval from authorities will be poisoned or killed otherwise illegally by hunters - wolf haters.

The reason why so many wolves from Russia and Finland never made it to the Swedish strain, and thus why the Swedish wolf population never got a chance to grow "fresher" genetically, is because they never made their journeys through Lapland and Jamtland (the only transition areas to travel through from Finland or Russia to Sweden and Norway) - being illegally killed by the reindeer herders or trophy illegal hunters.

This is a closed circle and will not get solved unless the Swedish government finally starts facing truth and sovling the large issues of intollerance and unacceptance of wolves, among minority, special interest groups of people.

Effective programs need to be applied to keep wolves out of harm´s way, if we want to see a healthy wolf strain striving and growing in Sweden, Norway, but also Finland.

After he had ordered over 30 wolves to be killed in 2010 (27 in the "cull" hunt, and 12 more in so called "protective" hunt), the Swedish minister of environment plans to have as many as 60 more wolves killed by a cull hunt in 2011, including whole litters born during this comming spring.
This is totally senceless and absolutly unaceptable! We cannot allow that to happen and to let this unethical man continue with this bloody work!
Please consider following this blog, for more updates on the wolf situation worldwide, but with a major foccus on Sweden and Scandinavia, if you wanna learn more about what is really going on in Sweden.

Also, please read how you can help on the menu on the right side of the blog, where you will find links to many petitions and ideas how to take action.

Please write to the Swedish minister of environment and let him know what you think, and that you care about the wolves, the nature and the environment, and show your dissapointment and dissagreement with the recent, very bad deicsion:

Andreas Carlgren, Minister for the Environment
Tel. work: +46 8405 10 00
Email - via the senior registry clerk
Post address: Tegelbacken 2
103 33 Stockholm

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