Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wolf Communication

Step aside from the buzz of your day. Listen to the cries, howls and growls of the wolves. If you listen carefully enough, you´ll learn to recognaise the lone howls, and the mutual howls of the pack, the puppy sounds, and more.

Wolf communication is one of the most fascinating matters. I´ve selected a few excellent sources of information on wolf communication, and audio records of their fascinating sounds.

About Wolf Howling:
"Wolves howl for more reasons than we will ever know: to bring the pack together, to respond to far-off sounds, or to see who’s out there. Howling increases during the breeding season, which usually starts in February. Usually the alpha wolf initiates the howl. It begins with a long, mournful sound from deep within him. Everything else in the forest seems to fall silent. As if on cue, other members of the pack join in, and the chorus swells to a soulful frenzy."
- excerpt from the website Living with Wolves

Make sure to not miss the
Wolf Howling and Growling Sound Clips:

Also, take a look at beautiful howling wolf pictures, and read some educational information about the wolf communication here.

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