Monday, January 11, 2010

100-200% more dogs killed by hunters annually, than by wolves

One of the biggest arguments against wolves in Sweden, is that they kill many dogs each year, and are dangerous.

But statistics from Agria, Sweden´s largest insurance company, which insures about 70% of Swedish dogs, show different information.

Read the following excerpt (google translated):

Hunters shot 135 dogs January 3, 2010

135 dogs killed by hunters annually. One or two people shot to death each year by hunters.
That is 100-200% more than what the woves are said to have killed.each year.

The fact is that wolves are not attacking people in Sweden for two hundred years.

Consequently, people are afraid to go out into the woods because of wolves.

According to Agria, about 30 dogs were killed by wolves during 2008. About 135 dogs were injured or killed by stray bullet according to figures from 2006 from Agria Animal Insurance. A total of 7508 dogs were killed between 2000-2005).

This is a clear proof that wolves are being blamed, to justify the legalization of wolf hunting.

Read full article here (in Swedish):

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