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Entire wolf pack euthanised in Orsa animal park

It hasn´t been even two weeks since the the brutal slaughtering of more than 27 wolves in Sweden, and there are already more tragical news.

After the absurde tragedy in Skane´s Animal Park, which should definitly be investigated further (we will inform about it on the blog in the upcomming days), we bring the sad news from Orsa bear park, where an entire wolf pack of 11, including puppies, was wiped out.

As long as animlas will be considered a property, uacceptable acts like this will keep happening, without any consequences.
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"Entire wolf pack killed "

It is not only Skåne's zoo who kill wolves. Last fall Grönklitt killed the whole wolf family, eleven animals. Grönklitt is getting new wolfes, the female comes from Riga in Latvia and the male from Langedrag in Norway.

"Alpha couple were too old, 14-15 years, "explains Pernilla Thalin, zoo director in Grönklitt. Since it would be difficult to bring new individuals in the pack all had to be killed. Now it has been wolves in the zoo over the winter, but there are seven wolves belonging Borås Zoo.

The decision to euthanise all of the wolves in Grönklitt was made after consultation with Mats Amundin on Kolmården. He is a wolf coordinator for the zoo in the entire Nordic region. Kenneth Ekwall at Stockholm University also works as a zoologist at Grönklitt. He explains that the alpha pair was about to go out of time and that there were some social problems in the pack. Kenneth Ekwall said that there were problems with previous inbreeding among zoo wolves in Sweden. These problems culminated in the 1970s. Since then, breeding efforts have focused on getting healthy wolves.

Grönklitt now has a new wolf from Latvia and one male from Norway is part of Mats Amundins plans to keep the zoo free of wolves inbreeding problems. Kenneth Ekwall explains the process of killing the wolves: first they will be sedated, then examined and finally they get a syringe with a substance that makes them fall asleep for good.

" We tend to be open with what is going on. We have previously informed the hunting organizations - We usually also notify the police before we kill animals. - It is always sad to do this, "says Ekwall regarding the killing of the old alpha pair and their pups.

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