Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Prognosis of over quota killing during Sweden´s first licenced hunt in 45 years

Out of 24 wolves, killed the first two days during Sweden´s brutal January 2010 slaughter, only 7 were killed instantly. The rest had to be tracked down, hours up to two days and killed later.

The blog "Varg Tiden" writes an interesting, but very sad article, which is an eye opener to many (in Swedish):

The 2010 quota of wolves to be slughtered, stated by the Swedish government, is 27 wolves. But becuse 12000 hunters went out, being about 400:1, there is a very high probability, that the qoata will be overshot.

Not only that. Wolf haters and wolf intolerance has already caused about 20 wolves being killed illegaly each year in Sweden. Wolf haters in several Swedish areas went already so far, that they poison meat and set it in the woods to poison te wolves. Wolves have been illegally trapped, as well as poisoned by antifreeze, known to cause kideny failures and a slow, painful death. This information is obtained from Police investigation sources.

It is therefore no wonder, that wolves will be highly overshot during the hunt.

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