Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Story of Limpy (and his many brothers and sisters worldwide)

Please, read the story from the link below. It will help you to understand the global struggle of wolves - being the target of human absurde hate and trophy hunting interests.

Limpy was a wolf, that never killed any lifestock or hunting dogs, or had a conflict with human interests. He was simply killed (together with many more wolves) because he could be killed, the very first day the hunting ban was lifted in the state of Wyoming. Just like here in Sweden, where 25 wolves (out of a quota of 27 to be culled during 2010) were slaughtered during the very first day of the first legal hunting in 45 years -- not because they did something wrong, but just because the hate and trophy vision driven 12000 licenced hunters simply could.

The story of life and death of Wolf 253, affecionately called "Limpy":

How many more thousands of wolves will have to be killed around the world, how many more sad and tragic stories will be written, how many more thousands of pictures of killed or dieing wolves, and videos of the killings, will we watch and read, before we finally do something?!

The planet is not exclusively ours to use and planish as we please. And I believe there are millions of people all around the world who dissagree with what our decisionmakers do. But we need to unite, we need to stand up and speak - and say it out loud.

Please, take actions, read more facts about wolves (and other endangered species as well), ask questions, sign petitions, join various organisations and groups (many links are on the menu on the right side of the blog, and in previous posts), share information and discuss with others. All this counts. Just don´t remain silent and passive.

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