Thursday, January 14, 2010

Authopsies prove all wolves were healthy!

Authopsies performed on all the wolves, officially shot during the brutal three day hunt in Sweden (January 2-4th, 2010) prove all of the wolves were healthy and in a good condition.

Minister of environment Andreas Carlgren, used concern for genetical disorders in the wolves, resulting from excessive inbreeding, as the major excuse to justify the lifting of the ban, which lasted for 45 years.

It is now more clear by each day, that it was a cover up of the real motives for the brutal, unethical hunt. Something that thousands of wolf lovers, experts and conservationalists have been pointing out already before the hunt started.

The experts at the Upsala university, that performed the authopsies, clearly state that the wolves were in great condition, beautiful specimen with no sings of genetic defects. The only thing that points out at inbreeding is the small amount of litters and small size of litters born. The scientists also say that culling the recent population is a disaster, because the gene pool of each remaining individual will be smaller.

Please read the following articles, which cover the recently perfomed authopsies and their results:

"All wolves were healthy"
(google translate version)

First five of the 27 wolves shot since the wolf hunt was launched last Saturday have been disscet at SVA, National Veterinary Institute in Uppsala.

Jonas Malmsten: "All dissect wolves were completely healthy. More dead wolves are expected to come in today and next week, expect veterinarians will be available."

"Even a large male wolf, who weighed 53.5 kilograms just before he was shot, "said Jonas Malmsten, assistant state veterinarian at SVA.

"He is a fine specimen, with well-developed muscles and large fine teeth. He does not have any specific injuries or lesions,"he says.

All wolves that underwent the authopsy so far have been healthy before they were killed. The results of authopsies will, among other, be sent to Environmental Protection Agency, which compiles the results of this year's hunting of wolves.

Original source in Swedish:

"Healthy Wolves Killed" (in Swedish)

Excerpt from this article:

"it is impossible to know what wolves are inbred and which ones have new blood.- Environment Minister has misunderstood if he thinks it's possible to shoot the "right" wolf. We can not separate the inbred wolves from the new, "says Olof Liberg.

Also, please read this blog entry.

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"Minister dogged by more wolf hunt criticism" (in English)

Minister Carlgren left for an out of coutnry holiday and refuses to speak with the scientists...

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