Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Several alfa wolves killed during the hunt in Sweden

Several alfa wolves were killed during Sweden´s legalized wolf hunt, January 2-4th, 2010.
Inluding an alfa pair - parents to six eight months old puppies.

Hunters confirmed that they tracked the alfa wolves before the hunt started and therefore they knew what animals they are shooting. That is a total catastrophy and unaceptable act!

The Swedish hunting association claims that shooting was a random selection, but their own official statistics of the hunt, published on their official website proofs, that the specific wolves were tracked before the hunt.

The young wolves, left without their parents and pack leaders, are most likely to develop wrong behaviour paterns, and to hunt easy preay, such as farm animals. They can even take down dogs, so the hunt created a problem, instead of solving it, as was presented.

This is a totally heartless, unprofessional and unethical act and scandal.

Read these articles, covering the killing of alfa wolves during the hunt:

"Alpha pair most likely killed" - Gävle Dala - http://gd.se/nyheter/gavle/1.1700462

"Hunting Ethics does not apply in wolf hunting" - Vargens Tid

"Orphaned wolf pupps can take dogs" - Swedish Radio Göteborg http://www.sr.se/gavleborg/nyheter/artikel.asp?artikel=3354327

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