Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some Quick Links to Take Action

Here is a link to a few interesting resources, with the link to the petition sites, I urge you to read and sign (it is in English):

NOTE: As more new groups, websites, blogs, petitions sites and information is created, I will be updating this list of links as much as possible. All the new links will be marked with the red prefix "NEW!".

Stop Further Killing of the Swedish Wolf! -- NEW!

Stop the Killing of Wolves in Sweden - petition site

Save and Protect the Wolves (Bevara och Skydda Vargen) - Very active group, with many ideas for taking action -- highly recommended!

Lat Vargen Leva (Let Wolves Live) - protest list to the Swedish ministry of environment - print it out and gather as many signatures as you can, also other petition ideas, contacts to government officials and more

Read the article "Swedish Fund for Bio Diversity finances wolf hunting" - and please vote NO in the poll "is it right to finance wolf hunting from this fund" (Är det rätt att finansiera vargjakt med anslag till biologisk mångfald?), on the bottom of the page

Swedish Radio International - News in Swedish and English - many good articles on the topic

Vote No to wolf hunt in Sweden - petition to the ministery of environment

Svenska Rovdjurforeningen - Swedish Wildlife Association - scientific articles based on facts, official petition lists that will be presented to the government through this strong organisation

Protect the Scandinavian Wolf - (Våga Värna Varg) -- To restore, protect and preserve the Scandinavian wolf - large Facebook group, with lots of action

Vote for Wolves! - on "Expressen"

Save the Wolves - Petition, over 22000 people signed - be one of us!

Nej Till Vargjagt (No to Wolf Hunt) - Facebook group

Vargens Tid - A blog which covers all of the topic of wolf hunting in Sweden - great articles!

Rovdjursnätwerket - Wildlife Network (Swedish)

WWF Sweden - article about the wolf hunt, links to Swedish Wildlife organisations, and more

WWF - World Wildlife Fund´s International website - learn how you can help to protect endangeret species and how to help OUR planet. You can donate and "sponsor" grey wolves on this site as well.

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