Friday, January 15, 2010

Sweden plans to kill even more wolves in 2011

Two weeks have past since the governmental decision unleashed the brutal killing of 27+ wolves, by lifting a ban that stood for 45 years, in Sweden.

However, this is not just a tragedy for the endangered wolf species in Sweden, where only between 200 and 300 wolves struggle to survive in coexistance with prejudice and hate driven locals and hunters.

This is just the beginning.

The Swedish government decided to raise the quota to 50-60 wolves to be killed next year, including entire families (alfa wolves with their offspring, born between 2010 and 2011, to keep the population down at 200-210.

Since the first three January days, when the unethical and unprofessional, worldwide criticized hunt, which turned out into a brutal slaughter, shocking thousands of people, the media have been filled with press releases, statistics, interviews, discussions and more.

And as the time went by, the true story started to unfold...

Hidden by a prepared cover up from the hunting lobbyists, minister of environment Andreas Carlgren informed, that the hunt was a necessairy measure to cull individuals weakened by genetic disorders and malfunctions, caused by excessive inbreeding in the small wolf population.

Although scientists could not understand this absurde nonsense justification, this was Carlgren´s first attempt to manipulate and mislead the public. Wolf experts made a clear point then, that in order to solve the problem of inbreeding in the Swedish wolf population, more wolves with a new DNA pattern (fresh blood) would have to be introduced to the existing strain and the entire population rised up to between 500-2000 individuals, to maintain a healthy population and diversity.

When the official results of authopsies, performed on all the wolves, turned in for examination, came out, the scientistcs were not at all surprised (some even expected it) to hear all of the wolves were perfectly healthy, good and beautiful specimen.

After days of scilence, when Carlgren decided not to comment on the scientists´ criticism, new information came out through the press.

Many of the wolf experts suddenly changed their minds, and started to support the decision for extending the licenced culling.

Although charts, graphs and statistics clearly show how the wolf population in Sweden struggles, although illegal kiling by locals results in deaths of dozens of wolves in various regions of the country, the latest information, that ran through the media is that the population is successfuly rising annualy, and that illegal hunting is decreasing.

Some of the scientists started to support the administration, suggesting that culling next year by 50-60 wolves, will help maintain an optimal population size.

Just read all the articles published here in the past two weeks. Read and compare the information from the media, that we directly link to. Then you will know this is the plain, absurde, truth.

All this, and many other aditional information, add up to the total picture and help reveal the true motives of the legalized hunting.

Politics it is. Again, as countless times in history, the politics is dirty and it kills.

As long as the government will not start searching for solutions of illegal hunting, for the conflicts between people, their animals and the wolves, that result in intollerance and hate, wolves will keep struggling for their survival.

By freezing the wolf population (as the former government did), or by culling it down to near extinction (as the present one does), the illegal hunting, hate, misinformation and unacceptance will never stop.

And this is the truth in the nutshell. I have so many stories and evidence from the local hunters, who illegally kill wolves, and I hear experiences from the people who live their daily lives in the areas where the wolf wars are in it´s hottest core.

And I will focus more on informing on what is going on "behind the scences", and on bringing you closer to the reality of the rural and wilderness areas, where many people still believe in stories of the Little Red Hood, where people actually seriously believe there´s too many wolves out there, and who take nature for granted, as it´s always been here, ever since they knew. In the remote areas many people still take law into their hands, and believe that the best justice "is in the barrel", sort to speak. And they think the nature and the wildlife is theirs to do whatever they please with. The government let´s them get away with it.

Please follow the blog to obtain the latest updates on the situation in Sweden.

The more people read what is going on here, the more people will open their eyes, and more will join in helping the cause to save and protect the wolves in Sweden.

Together we can change the fate of the wolf kind, but we need to unite. We need every single voice to outweight the lobbyists, to send letters to the government and let them know what they are doing is absoultly unaceptable.

This year, there are elections in Sweden. A lot can be achieved then, with our votes.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. In deed, it´s the only thing that ever has" -- Margaret Meade.

Please, spread the word. Take action (you will find suggestions of how you can help wolves, on the menu on the right side of the blog). Feel free to comment, and express your thoughts.

The jounrey continues. The wolves need our help. Let´s not let them down!


Read the article "More wolves to be killed" ("Fler Vargar ska skjutas") (in Swedish):

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