Monday, January 25, 2010

Demonstration for the wolves and against wolf hunting in Göteborg

Third demonstration in the rally that started in Sweden, is on it´s way, this time in the city of Göteborg (Gothenburg).

This shows the huge, massive wave of people supporting wolves, wanting wolves in our nature, and being very angry and unaproving of the government´s decision, justified by cover-ups (read more in the past entries and please come back for more news on that).
POSTPONDED!!! - we will bring current information as soon as possible! Thanks for understanding.
Date: ???
Time: ???
Location: Gustav Adolfs Torg in Göteborg

Here is the organisers´message and invitation:

"Now it is Gothenburg's turn to start banging the table and show the government, various organizations, hunters and others who oppose the wolf, that many of us are standing up for the wolf, and our nature! Saturday, 6 / 2 at 12.00 there will be a manifestation of the wolf against wolf hunting at Gustav Adolf Square in Gothenburg. Come and join! Bring everyone you know! Together we can work wonders!"

More information:

The demonstration in Göteborg will be following the one in Örebro, which takes place on February 4th (more information here) and the pilot one, which took place in Stockholm, on January 17th, 2010 (please read this entry).

Please help prevent more senseless slaughtering of wolves - come and join the demonstrations!

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