Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Urgent: Please sign this petition letter to Sweden´s minister of environment!

Please help Swedish wolves! Take Action NOW. Go to: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/38/stop-the-killing-of-wolves-in-sweden and sign it.

Here is the petition letter for you to read and see some of the important facts and arguments:

Protest the Killing of Wolves in Sweden

Target: Andreas Carlgren (Sweden's Minister of the Environment)

Dear Sir

We the undersigned are writing you to express our deep opposition and disagreement with the decision by the Swedish government and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to allow for the killing of 27 wolves in Sweden this winter.

As you know, the wolf is a severely endangered species in Sweden - at present there are only between 180-220 wolves, which means that possibly as much one sixth of the entire population might be have been killed in this hunt. And we feel that not only is it morally highly questionlable to allow for hunting of an endagered species - there is also in fact a real risk that the small Swedish wolf population, which is already threatened by severe inbreeding and significant poaching, will not be able to endure this sanctioned hunt, and we fear that this hunt in the worst case might have meant the beginning of the end of the Swedish wolf population, something which we would very deeply deplore.

We believe that Sweden should be able to afford a significantly larger wolf population than the current maximum of 210 individuals set up by the Swedish parliament. Sweden is a large and sparsely populated country compared to many many other European countries which houses considerably larger wolf populations, but where wolves and humans are in fact able to co-exist. We see no reason as to why Sweden would be different in this aspect. These beautiful, powerful animals are a natural, native part of the Swedish nature. The top predators are a crucial part of the ecosystem, and enrichens our biological diversity as well as our experience of the natural world. Sweden needs to recognize its large carnivores as the asset they in fact are, rather than seeing them as a problem.

Sweden is well-known internationally for its forests and for its beautiful nature and wilderness. A large, viable population of large carnivores would further promote and enhance that image and thus likely further increase the country's appeal for ecotourism, something which would be to the gain of rural communities that are at present suffering from depopulation. And, lastly, greater concern by the Swedish state for the wolves and the other large carnivores would improve Sweden's reputation internationally as a country that cares for its wildlife. This wolf hunt, which has been widely noted internationally, is no good advertisement for Swedish natural conservation or for Sweden as a state, something of which we are certain that the Swedish government is fully aware.

We wish to thank you for taking part of our opinions and for listening to our thoughts on this matter about which we care deeply.

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