Monday, January 11, 2010

An open letter to Swedish prime minister

Dear Mr.Reinfeldt,

I would like to express my huge dissapointment at the Swedish government´s decision to legalize the killing of wolves.

Did you know that wolves are one of the world´s most endangered species?And that they do not cause any unbalance in the nature? Our human race causes a huge unbalance in nature and make lives of animals and plants more and more dificult over the centuries.

Your government says that wolves are "over quota" in Sweden, but it is my understanding based upon facts, that they are only in packs in some areas. If that is the reason, as your goverment states it, to kill them, it is absurde, inhumane and unwise.

The over quota animals can be moved to another location, for example further north, where we have barely any wolves and where they can roam free, without endangering humans and their dogs, as you state as a reason for their slaughter. They can be also moved to other countries, where they have no success in placing wolves back to the wild.

The same applies for another argument of your government, that there is a danger of inbreeding. If there was a real interest and concern on your side, you would make exchange program of animals to and from other coutnries, to make the packs healthier. You would invite and consult world´s specialists in wolves, conservation and environment, not just hunters.
But you very well know, that it is not your concern.

It is very dissapointing to see this happening in a country which calls itself the world leader in environmental and ecological matters.

If you want to set a good example for the world, I suggest to you to reconsider the facts, and your decisions about the wildlife management.

I know that my letter will most likely not even be read by you, but I want you to know that there are many people out there, who are unsatisfied by your decisions and these people are your voters, including myself.

And we will not support a government which makes such bad choices.

I urge you to reconsider your decision in the matter of legalized killing of wolves.

It is not my letter or my person that matters, but it is our plant that does.

Katerina Paleckova Strömsund, Sweden

Help to stop the senseless killing of wolves in Sweden, please! They need all our help!
Please, let´s not be mute and tell the government what we think and what we don´t want. It is in our hands. Let´s stop the killing of wolves in Sweden! They are one of the world´s endangered species!

Write the Swedish prime minister:

Fredrik Reinfeldt, StatsministerT
Telefon work 08-405 10 00
Email Fredrik Reinfeldt, via registrator

More contacts to the Sweidsh government:

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