Monday, January 11, 2010

Swedish government aproved the first official wolf hunt in 45 years

Over 12000 (!) hunters applied for licence to kill 27 wolves, a quota the Swedish government set to be taken down in 2010. The hunt started on January 2, 2010.

There are around 280-300 wolves living in the entire large country of Sweden. A country with vast spaces, thousands of acres of forrest, mountains and wilderness, and quite low human popoulation.

Yet, the government decided that the wolf population needs to be eliminated to about 210 wolves.

There are two official reasons, the government keeps repeating:

A) wolves in Sweden are inbred (?!)
B) wolves killing too many dogs and being dangerous to humans and animals

This absurd statement is absolutly contrary to the knowledge of conservationalists, biologists, and other experts.

Wolves are generally internationally considered as endangered species. They are very important for keeping of the balance in the ecosystem.

The hunt was planned long in advance, and wolf packs and individuals have been tracked, in order to start an immediate hunt on January 2nd.

Here is one of the many reactions from upset people, who cannot understand this bad decision:

"Today is the second day of the new year and most likely the very last for a large amount of the Swedish wolf. When the sun rises in only a couple of hours the License law comes into affect and the many thousands of very well prepared and brave TROFÈ hunters, that have planned for this like an military operation, set off to their destined placed to KILL our precious and non suspecting animals in the wilderness. What a way to start off a New Year !"

Where is the famous Swedish conservationalism and leadership in care for the environment?!

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