Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sad News with Consequences - Tragedy for Sweden´s Wolves

UPDATE from the group Bevara och Skydda Vargen (Save and Protect Wolves):


It is now confirmed that both the alpha male and alpha female from the Amunge territory have been killed. This means that their orphaned wolf pups are now left alone out in the territory. They will probably not survive on their own, in this extremely cold winter.

This makes a TOTAL of SEVEN ALPHA WOLVES KILLED - equivalent to 30% of the total number of wolves killed in the legalised "hunt".

A coincidence? No!

This was planned after the tracking and mapping of the wolf flocks, which made it possible for the hunters to inflict the most effective, serious damage. The alpha wolf was their number one priority; we have published evidence of this earlier on this site.

The consequences of orphaned wolf pups, left alone, hunting in the "wrong way", will then be that the hunters are obliged to take "protective hunting" measures against them.

Just a coincidence!? No! This is starting to look VERY suspicious!

No portions of text were removed or edited. Published with the permisson from the author.

Please, join the group (link is on sidebar), and sign petitions, listed on the sidebar. Also please consider joining the Swedish Wildlife Association.

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