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Sweden: Hunting of wolves in breach of EU rules

Article in GT Expressen (google translate version):

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Hunting of wolves in breach of EU rules January 2, 2010
"CHASE supported EU haters"

This morning was the start of the wolf hunt January 2, 2010 Today started hunting of wolves Today, 12 000 hunters out to shoot 27 wolves, about 440 hunters per wolf. In Västra Götaland, three Wolves pushed by two or three thousand hunters. The first big wolf hunt for one hundred years, adopted by the parliament and the government, driven by a small but loud, aggressive anti-wolf lobby, who brought with them the king and government, governors, LRF, Kennel Club, etc... A game that is contrary to Swedish law and EU law.

Government vantolkar provisions and grants the hunt for that "achieving local acceptance of large carnivores in the living predators in areas". Main arguments to shoot 27 wolves! Ignoring measures consulting, training, game fence, contributions for injuries, etc., and claim they are not enough for people to accept wolves. Against this stands the contrary, several studies indicate that support for the wolf in Sweden is strong and widespread among the public. The researchers also found that support for the wolf in Sweden is stronger in humans related to rural than in genuine urban population. Most negative group are the hunters, however, is this 40 percent in favor of wolves.

This race is not about to shoot problem wolves - it is about to decimate the strain on the grounds that the Swedish people are not capable of more than 210 wolves. The trunk itself seems to pose problems and populist politicians expect to gain points by demanding hunting of wolves. Argument for hunting is to not allow the wolf lives in rural areas. The Dala newspapers were recently read how local politicians in the valley agreed that "wolf agony" must be addressed as "the people do not have to move away or become criminals and take matters into their own hands to eradicate the wolf". Fact is that the damage to domestic animals is relatively small. That the wolf would be dangerous for people without foundation.

Several people die every year from wasp stings and viper bites. A woman was recently killed by moose. On average, the addition in recent years 2 - 3 persons killed every season by hunters by stray bullets.

We should have more - not fewer - wolves! Sweden has few wolves in comparison with other EU countries. Spain and Greece are 20 - 30 times as dense as the wolf Sweden! The quest should be to get as large and as viable wolf population that is not in danger of extinction, once must be hunted. The wolf is too many people, a charismatic animal and a tourist attraction that can generate jobs and money to rural areas. We recognize that race is driving this winter. 27 wolves will be shot. At least, since nobody can predict what will happen when 12,000 hunters are shooting clear. This is an unacceptable political stupidity completely without scientific basis. The government must be held accountable both in the public debate before the EU court, where we are now in order for hunting on our endangered wolves.

Ann Dahlerus is secretary general of the Swedish Society for Predators.
Kristian Bernstone is responsible region of Västra Götaland.

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