Monday, January 11, 2010

Swedish January 2010 Wolf Massacre in Pictures

The first January weekend (Jan 2-4th) turned into a massacre, which shocked the whole world. The first Swedish licenced wolf hunt in many years, has gotten out of hands.

In the first two days, during which over 12500 hunters went out and killed 25 out of 27 alowed wolves, as a result of Swedish government´s legalized slaughter.

Wolves belong to the endangered species. There is less than 300 of them in the whole large, underpopulated country of Sweden. Yet, the decision makers have come up with a quoata, that needs to be destroyed this year. And the minister of environment already said today to the press, that they already plan to do so next year as well.

I am totally disgusted by this brutal act of Sweden. A country I always thought cared for the environment. A country, which considered itself among the leaders in questions of conservation.

The following pictures are not recommended for children and sensitive people.

Big, healthy looking wolves, killed.

Proud hunter, showing off his trophy

Picture, that shocked the whole country. Dieing wolf, in pain and agony.
How can this be colled a regulated hunt, when the hunters clearly show no mercy and take pictures of the struggling animals, instead of aiming for a clear shot and quick death?!!
Official statistics information from the Swedish hunting association talks about several wolves being shot, but had to be searched and "finished off" later, some after as long as 2 days!!!
One wolf was described as "shot, died after half hour" - the statistics will be publish in one of the following posts for proof of evidence.

Wolf puppies- 8 months old, killed in Siljansnäs, Dalarna region.

"It was a big excitement among people in Siljansnäs, to have a look at the dead wolves", says the text under this photo, in Dalarnas Tidningen paper.

I found this text under this photo, from a hunting discussion forum : "why is there no blood in the wolf´s mouth? Because he was holding a deer he just murdered."

People all excited about the dead beast.

Hunter taking photos of his easy trophy.

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